DOGAME Interview: Keep forward on the way for promoting overseas

Publisher:Eptonic Publish Time:2016-03-18 00:00:00

On March 18, 2016, Jeremy Yao, VP in Eptonic was interviewed by DOGAME for deep insights in the overseas promotion strategies and what can Eptonic bring to domestic companies that have global development plan.

And the following was the real record of this interview:

Q1: DOGAMEWhat business and resources advantages Eptonic has to help domestic companies to achieve overseas success?

Jeremey Yao: Eptonic has three business platforms, that is Eptonic MediabuyMDSP(Mobile Demand-side Platform )EMN(Eptonic Media Network). As the leading platform for promoting overseas for mobile internet companies, Eptonic helps to acquire high quality users based on its depth data analysis, precise user orientation and advanced technology.

Q2: DOGAMEAs we all know that the biggest problem for game start up companies is to acquire high quality traffic, for this part, what can Eptonic do?

Jeremey Yao: Based on years of experience, Eptonic has more than hundreds of overseas quality affiliates covering global users. Besides, Eptonic has established long and stable cooperation with some leading media platforms, like Facebook and Google. Three typical successful products(Flash KeyboardSwift wifiPower Clean) can prove our strength.

Q3: DOGAMEWhat is Eptonic going to do for domestic companies?

Jeremey Yao: Eptonic will hold many salons related to overseas promotion across the country to bring the latest industry information and customized promotion scheme.

Q4: DOGAMEWhat does Eptonic think about the overseas app advertising development?

Jeremey Yao: There are many opportunities in foreign countries, since their policies and regulations are relatively more perfect, and also overseas users have better payment habits.

Q5: DOGAMEHow does Eptonic achieve overseas precision marketing?

Jeremey Yao: Eptonic has precision orientation technology , deep analysis for users interest and habits, rich advertising resources and affiliates to help improve conversion rate.

Q6: DOGAMEWhat are the advantages of Eptonic?

Jeremey Yao: Eptonic has the most excellent industry specialists, customized promotion scheme, and powerful technical support.

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