Meeting us in Guangzhou Salon

Publisher:Eptonic Publish Time:2016-09-27 00:00:00

On September 27th, 2016, the salon of overseas promotion of apps and mobile games was successfully held in Guangzhou. This salon gathered many specialists in the field of mobile internet and altogether ,there were five top leaders shared their special insights for overseas promotion. The following were the main point:

Firstly, the mobile games market would keep on developing in the future and according to data, mobile games revenue accounted for 85% in the global mobile application store. For the overseas markets, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt and Argentina would still be the popular markets. And, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey would be the next emerging markets.

Secondly, the product preferences, payment habit, product characteristics were different in different countries, so while promoting overseas, all of these factors shall be taken into consideration.

Thirdly, to acquire Google's recommendation, we shall know what kinds of products were acquired by Google Play and try to avoid some competitive similar products and also know the application process for the promotion.

Fourth, while promoting, people might suffer from the problem of poor exposure volume and click rate, and high single click charge. In order to minimize these problems, all of the related factors of daily budget, click rate, correlation, update frequency, historical performance, platform features, material originality, and audience orientation shall be taken into consideration.

Lastly, always keep in touch with users to make the products acceptable and be needed by users.

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