Interview: Eptonic achieves to become the best platform for advertising promotion.

Publisher:Eptonic Publish Time:2016-05-25 00:00:00

Jim, COO of Eptonic, was interviewed on May 26, 2016 for deep understanding of the ways for acquiring high quality overseas users, promoting in target markets, and achieving the best traffic monetizing.

Firstly, he introduced the establishment and development of Eptonic briefly. Eptonic was established in 2014, and combined with the trend of promoting overseas of domestic internet enterprises and big investment, it developed extremely quickly.

Secondly, He owned Eptonic’s success to the following reasons:

Employing those who have strong potentiality and learning ability and focusing on employees’ professional accomplishment.

Integrating the industry resources and having long stable cooperation with Facebook and Google.

Having much experience and long accumulation as for advertising optimization and affiliate coverage.

Creating professional overseas promotion strategies to acquire the target audience.

Based on all of the above reasons, Eptonic had helped many domestic companies to achieve oversea success, take the product of Flash Keyboard, Swift Wifi, and Power Clean and so on.

Finally, he said in the year 2016, Eptonic will keep on cooperating with more global famous media, and providing customer with the best professional service.

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