Jeremy Yao was invited to have a speech at the mobile games forum.

Publisher:Eptonic Publish Time:2016-08-19 00:00:00

iWorld 2016, sponsored by IDG, was successfully held in New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu. This conference had gathered many representatives and leaders in the field of internet and proudly, Eptonic was also invited to attend this conference.

At the conference, many forums have been held at the same time, including mobile games, artificial intelligence, information security, VR/AR and so on, bringing people with the latest insights and achievements.

Jeremy Yao, VP in Eptonic, was invited to have a speech at the mobile games forum. He shared his deep insight in the promotion overseas for apps and mobile games from the perspective of localization, product quality, payment habits, local tradition and preference and so on.

Based on its rich industry experience and professional promotion strategies, Eptonic has helped many domestic companies to achieve overseas success, and will always try to do so.

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