Eptonic attended the「G+Salon. Session of Fine Operation of Mobile Traffic」

Publisher:Eptonic Publish Time:2016-03-19 00:00:00

On March 18, 2016, “G+Salon. Session of Fine Operation of Mobile Traffic” was held in Shenzhen with GMGC as the main sponsor and Eptonic, DataEye, OPPO and so on as the other sponsors, gathering many leading companies in the industry to share the opportunities and challenges.

Leo, VP in Eptonic attended this salon and had a speech. He said there were many opportunities in foreign markets, but also there were problems of simple traffic environment, different payment habit and property rights, cultural difference and complicated overseas affiliates. Facing these problems, he shared his deep insights in the overseas promotion from the perspective of product preferences across the country, different markets characteristics and promotion strategies.

Besides, he also had deep discussion with the visiting guests for business model, science and technology and promotion experience, dedicating to help more domestic mobile internet companies to achieve overseas success.

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